ABC Reading Eggs is ready for the Australian Curriculum. So you are too.

ABC Reading Eggs is equipped with all the learning resources you need to guide your way through the Australian Literacy Curriculum.

  • Sounds and letter knowledge through phonemic awareness. 

The instructional and interactive lessons within ABC Reading Eggs have a phonics and spelling focus on beginning and end blends, a variety of vowel sounds, consonant letter sounds, word families and multi-syllable word attack skills.

  • Literature creation.

The popular Storylands series provides students with the ability to create stories imaginatively.

  • Texts in context. 

Storylands enables students to read for meaning as they identify and explain features of texts; comparing the vocabulary, imagery, layout and context of contemporary texts.

  • Text structure and organisation.  

ABC Reading Eggs incorporates the hugely popular and powerful Writing Fun from Jenny Eather, highlighting Information Writing and Persuasive Writing – enabling students to understand how different texts types vary in the use of language choices, depending on their purpose and context.

  • Language variation and change.

The ABC Reading Eggs Comprehension Gym and the Library allow students to explore different written and visual cues and understand different ways of constructing meaning through guided texts.

  • Examining Literature.

ABC Reading Eggs provides a vast array of e-books and different text types, exploring how the setting of a story shapes events and influences the mood of a narrative.

Click the images below to download the most up to do curriculum alignment information. 

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