Life would be a dream if it worked out how it’s supposed to! Surely it’s not too much for any of us to expect things could start to go our way for once, right? Well there is a way for this to happen and it comes without any strings attached, it’s completely free because it’s already inside you.

Got you curious? It’s called attitude.

The way that we perceive the things that happen to us, the way we react to life’s hurdles and set backs, and how we cope when curveballs are thrown our way are the major determinants that differentiate successful outcomes from failure.

A positive attitude, a deep held belief that we can take it all in our stride, is one of the most important lessons we can teach our children. Attitude is the most essential of skills and the greatest contributing factor towards success. Understanding the role attitude plays in impacting upon our work, school, and even our relationships is a priceless gift that we can give to our children simply by modelling it in our own life.

Life is never going to be perfect (that is reality, and not the version that is presented to us by mainstream and social medias) however what makes the real difference is the way that we respond, the way we react when less than ideal circumstances present themselves.

There is lots you can do though to bring this into your life while at the same time exposing your children to another way of looking at life. Try these easy to implement techniques and be a part of the difference a positive good attitude creates in your life:

  • Actively seek positivity – It’s true, there are horrible things happening in our world and we have never been more aware due to the 24-hour global newsfeed streaming straight into our homes. Counter this misery by actively searching for positivity in your life as well as the lives of those you care about but don’t let it stop there, do something with the good news stories. Celebrate these moments, relish the good time but also lock those feelings and emotions away for a rainy day. When times get tough, remind yourself of the good things that are happening too
  • The power of words – Make a conscious effort to speak words of positivity. It’s as simple as replacing “if” with “when” (“when I achieve that goal”, rather than “if I ever finish…”). Talk success into a reality
  • Make a habit of expressing gratitude – Finding a few moments each day identifying bits to be grateful about is proven to be beneficial. Despite life’s imperfections we have never lived a more amazing time in history
  • Accept constructive criticism – There are always ways we can improve, if we are open to progress
  • Overcome obstacles – Walls are placed in your way to test how much you really want something
  • Embrace the challenge – Who wants to sit still for too long anyway?
  • Get moving, exercise – Not only is it important time spent just for you but it also gets your body doing what it has been designed to do. Add to that the good work the endorphins do inside your body and the added health benefits and it’s becomes a no-brainer
  • Sleep – Everything is easier to tackle after a good nights rest. We make better decisions and appreciate the blessings once we have slept well

When life throws challenges our way we have two options – acceptance coupled with a determination to persevere or a reluctance to keep on trying.

Remember, even if everything doesn’t work out the way that you envisaged, experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.

Give it everything, have fun and make a difference

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About the author: Tim Heinecke

Tim Heinecke is Australia’s number one student engagement guru. Being a father to four school-aged children as well as having been a school teacher for more than 20 years gives him insights into better ways to inspire young people. Tim is the founder of the Student Engagement Institute and he has shown thousands of teachers and parents how to better engage children in their own educational journey.