It’s now even easier to schedule assessments for your students – Mathletics assessments are available across all our tablet apps, meaning your students can access anywhere, anytime.

Mathletics Assessments are now rolling out for mobile devices. Over 100 are already available, with more being converted for tablet use each week.

Teachers are loving our powerful assessments, designed by Mathletics experts and aligned to the curriculum. Hugely useful for diagnostic, formative and summative assessment, and a perfect tool for getting your students prepared for end of year assessments and exams.

All assessments are automatically marked, with results available immediately and relevant Mathletics activities available to assign. This dynamic tool is a seamless way to identify, target and close knowledge gaps.

Assign assessments via the Teacher Console and your students can access as soon as they open their Mathletics tablet app or sign in to their web browser.

Whether you’re in a BYOD environment or using blended learning practises, increased availability across devices means that your students can access everything they need with Mathletics – anywhere, anytime.

We call it Assessment for Learning.

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