We love to hear from school’s taking part in the Middle East Maths Challenge – today we received a great update from the Arabian Pearl Gulf School in Bahrain….

“From as early as 5:00am on the 2nd day of the challenge, our ever vigilant Mathematics coordinator Ms. Ruyena Caluyo, has been checking the standing of our students. Most of our students play only after school hours, so there has been a crazy race which delighted all spectators – from the principal of the school,  Ms. Ebtisam Al-Zeera, to the faculty staff of the Primary and Middle School Departments.

During the school’s morning assembly today, the current school ranking was announced, Arabian Pearl Gulf School was 3rd in Bahrain at that moment, to the cheers and applause of the student body.  Names of APS students and classes in the Top 100 were also announced.  The school principal, being an advocate of excellence, posed a challenge to all students who registered to play and compete, “Aim to be No. 1!  It is not impossible.  If they can, we can too!”

With fire in their hearts, of our academic warriors blazed and pledged to all their teachers that they will do their best to show their mathematical skills, speed and accuracy.  True to their words, some students missed their break just to stay in the computer lab to log in and play.   Others who missed the first day were also inspired to join the amusing and challenging race. “We’re taking on the challenge!  Let’s play and compete and show them that our best efforts could place our school in a prominent position among all schools in Bahrain and the entire Middle East.”  Off they went to compete again…

Kudos to all organizers of this wonderful annual event.  Indeed, numbers can unite people.  There is fun and excitement amidst the mind grueling world of mathematics. The fun way to learn mathematics is the Mathletics way! More power to you!”

Submitted by Ms. Josielin M. Mendoza, Grade 4 Maths Teacher, APG School.