As we enter the weekend, and the last few days of the Middle East Maths Challenge, the battle for the top of the Hall of Fame is hotting up. The current fight is between Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE for the top student position – and with Saudi Arabia joining in the battle for Top Class and Top School we thought we’d share with you some interesting number facts about these four countries that you might not know….

Did you know that in the UAE, and specifically Dubai, more gold is bought and sold than anywhere else in the world – in fact, on average, one in five people there buy at least five pieces of gold jewellery every year. That’s a lot of gold! Will the gold medal in the Maths Challenge also end up in the UAE?

Did you know that Saudi Arabia is the 14th largest country on earth and that 75% of Saudi Arabia population is younger than 35 years old. The country also spends a quarter of all its money on schools and education – will this pay off in the Maths Challenge?

Did you know that only about 20% of the people who live in Qatar are actually Qatari natives. Sports are also very important in the country, with the football World Cup possibly being hosted there in 2022. Will Qatar see success in the race for top Mathlete?

Did you know that Bahrain is actually not just made up of one island in the Arabian Gulf , but is a collection of 33 islands – lots of parts making up a whole!  Of all the land space in the country, over 92% is desert.

Keep up the good work Mathletes, the Middle East Maths Challenge 2010 is going to be the largest yet!