Combining the computing power of GeoGebra with the teaching expertise of Mathletics.

Reaching 3 million students worldwide.

World renowned open-source software creators GeoGebra, and the global number one in online maths education, Mathletics, have today announced their global collaboration.  This partnership is set to dramatically raise the standard of delivering secondary maths education to over 3 million students, by combining the power of GeoGebra with the engagement, training and support of Mathletics.

Markus Hohenwarter (founder of GeoGebra) said, “We are looking forward to improving math learning for kids world-wide together with Mathletics.  We are excited to bring GeoGebra to students and teachers around the world in collaboration with the Mathletics team.”  Recently, GeoGebra announced the addition of the Australian GeoGebra Institute, bringing the number of GeoGebra Institutes worldwide to thirty eight.

The education team from Mathletics are currently working closely with teachers around the world, and can now include specially created GeoGebra content in their schools’ training programs through 3P Learning’s educational support teams (currently located in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa).  Each GeoGebra element allows curriculum content to be brought to life through embedded constructivist learning objects.

Teachers are an integral part of the success of this ground-breaking collaboration as they are the foundation for the creation of quality learning resources.  Never before have practising educators had such an opportunity to collaborate directly with the two largest online maths organisations in the world.  This is truly a world first in bringing two educational giants together in support of Maths education worldwide.

To be a part of this global collaboration, contact your local GeoGebra Institute, or Mathletics Education Team.  Alternatively, contact:

Genevieve Darnley: Mathletics –

Markus Hohenwarter: GeoGebra –