The Four Nations Maths Challenge has begun!  Schools and students from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are competing to become the national champions!

To reward your fantastic participation and effort in the challenge, each gold coin you collect will earn you 10 credits at the end of the challenge!

Day 1 of the challenge sees a maximum of 30 coins to collect; 3 coins to collect for each topic. Day 2 sees 150 coins to collect, 10 coins on levels 1 to 5, and double coins (20 coins) on levels 6 to 10 of Live Mathletics.

At the moment, Vihangi R from Salcombe Prep School in England is leading the students, Year 6 from St Mary and St Joseph’s School in England lead the classes and our Ambassador School, Knowle C of E Primary in England, lead the way with in Schools category.

With almost 2 whole days to go there is everything to play for – Best of Luck everyone!