How Mathletics activities can help students learn.

We all use anchors as a way of remembering specific things. Remember “Never Eat Soggy Weetbix” as a stimuli for learning direction or how hearing your wedding song can elicit feelings of happiness and joy? Teachers anchor information for students all of the time by providing stimuli (auditory, kinesthetic, visual) and creating an emotion within students that allows them to link understanding and think more deeply and creatively about a problem.

So how can you use Mathletics to anchor learning?

  • The Times Tables Toons uses music as an auditory anchor for learning multiplication facts and can be accessed from Teacher Demonstration.
  • Live Mathletics creates emotion and repetition around number facts in a competitive domain.
  • Curriculum Activities allow opportunities for repetition for children to practice, rehearse and link understanding. Additionally, the Support within activities provide visual stimuli which students can use to anchor their learning.

Times Tables Toons 2