Amy-McConnachieHi, my name is Amy McConnachie.  I’m proud to be an ambassador for the World Education Games, especially its link with UNICEF.  Its great that as children we have the opportunity to learn and have fun competing with each other while at the same time helping other children across the world.

When I was first asked to get involved I wasn’t sure but when I found out how many children get involved every year I was proud to be asked and glad to get involved.
As a swimmer you use maths everyday – working out how much to swim, what times you have to do each length in to meet targets and then how well you have done and improved your personal best by.  No matter what you do, maths is important and the World Education Games is a great way to improve and learn more in a fun way.

I’m looking forward to getting involved as the competition starts and would encourage as many people as possible to participate.  My school Ross High are great fans of Mathletics with lots of pupils getting awards for their involvement and all the local primary schools use it as well.  It will be great to see everyone in the world coming together and I’m sure lots of people in Scotland will be working hard, but most importantly having fun. I look forward to hearing how everyone has got on – Good luck everyone.