Making a difference – Amanda Attwal Mathletics Lead Educator

Sherwood SS, QLD

Amanda Attwal, Mathletics Lead Educator

Amanda Attwal is a Grade 2 teacher in Brisbane who has been teaching for 4 years.

“I love using Mathletics in my classroom as it makes my life a lot easier in regards to planning and finding valuable resources. I also find it is fantastic at encouraging students to have a go at Mathematics tasks and fosters a love of Maths without them even realising it!”

Amanda uses the Mathletics e-Books to aid with teaching and learning tasks and the assessment booklets for gathering additional information about my students.  Each week she sets students four tasks which align with concepts they are learning in class or areas of development which they are able to complete either for homework or during class and lunch times. She’ll frequently use Mathletics as an activity for maths rotations as well. Live Mathletics has greatly increased the speed recall of number facts for a large number of students in her class and is helping them to become more confident with Maths tasks and concepts.

“At the moment I don’t feel like there is anything I really need from Mathletics but I would love other teachers and students to see how wonderful it is as a resource and teaching/learning tool.  It makes our life as a teacher that little bit easier and ‘tricks’ students into thinking they are just playing games rather than extending and supporting their Maths skills and understanding.  As a Lead Educator I hope that I can help foster this belief.”

If I can make a difference in at least one person’s life in some small way I feel like my job has been done.