Hi everyone! It’s Alexander from King’s College School, London, U.K. Alexander-Y

I am very proud to be an ambassador and represent my school and country in the World Education Games. I am really fortunate to have amazing teachers at my school. I want to encourage everyone to register for the competition. You can practice for the events online now.

Try to improve your score every time you play a round. Challenge yourself, your friends, and even your whole class!

This is a really fun way of learning. It is very exciting to play against students from all over the globe. By taking part in the World Education Games competition, you will earn UNICEF points which will be converted in to money. This will help UNICEF’s important education programs such as the ‘School in a Box’ which helps students much less fortunate than ourselves.

So if you are 4-18 years old register here for FREE:


Start having fun now!