Creativity, Innovation and Inspiration

We were attracted to a recent post by AITSL CEO Margery Evans: 5 Inspiring Tips for the Start of the School Year

She encourages us to be innovative, inspiring and creative with suggestions to:

  • do something professionally that you haven’t done before
  • join or start a group or better still a movement
  • ask questions about your professional values
  • focus on knowing how you make a difference to students and their learning
  • find a way to make sure that every student succeeds

In fact, these are great tips for leading a successful and interesting life and we encourage you to choose  just one and begin.

3P Learning’s Community Engagement Team is currently focused on Margery’s second tip, starting a group.  In fact, we are taking it further and building a community!  Our dream is for a community of connected, reflective and innovative teachers who will share the great things that they are doing with Mathletics in their classroom.  Would you like to jump in and be involved? Contact us at