The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) is continuing to support teachers with their Illustrations of Practice.   AITSL describes the illustrations as bringing teaching standards to life.   These videos are designed to help teachers situate their own practice within the National Teaching Standards for teachers.

Hosting nearly 300 illustrations each includes one or more standards, descriptors and relate to one or more career stage (graduate, proficient, highly accomplished or lead).   The illustrations support that learning is constant and ongoing being relevant for teaching and learning programs, professional learning and observations of teachers in action.  The illustrations offer supportive discussion points.

AITSL brings teaching standards to life











AITSL recommends the videos for illustrating effective practice in a range of contexts whether it be phase of school, learning area, geographic location and school type and extend that support by offering relevant discussion points.

If you love learning check these illustrations out and let us know what you think!