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Ready to learn how to take part in the AFL Maths Challenge?

  • Don your favourite AFL team beanie and help them reach the top of the AFL Maths Challenge Ladder!
  • Earn Live Mathletics points to take your place atop the podium and win prizes for you and your school!
  • 10 levels of Live Mathletics.
  • Features ‘vs Class’ and ‘vs School’… students can now directly challenge each other!
  • Free for all ages and abilities, with engaging content for both Primary and Secondary students.

Now to put on our serious faces while we go over the rules and our terms & conditions to take part:

Start: Monday, 25th August.

End: Sunday, 31st August.

Rules of the Challenge

  • Students earn points over the 7 days of the competition by correctly answering questions in the Live Mathletics arena. At the end of the 7 days, these points are used to determine the winning individual students and schools.
  • To register Live Mathletics correct answers for the Challenge, students must choose an AFL team beanie from their Avatar Store and wear it for the full 7 days of the Challenge. No points will be registered for any correct answers while the student does not have on their beanie, so choose your favourite team early and keep that beanie on!
  • School placing’s will be determined by the average Live Mathletics points scored by all of your participating students over the 7 days of the Challenge. This means that no matter how many students or how much time you have available, you have the same chance to win as any other school!
  • Individual student placings will be determined by their average Live Mathletics points scored over the 7 days of the Challenge.

How to compete for prizes and ladder positions in the AFL Maths Challenge 

To ensure all students compete on a level playing field, we have divided the Challenge into Primary and Secondary divisions.

            Lower primary (K-3)

            Upper Primary (4-6)

            Secondary (7-12)

Each division must play a range of Live Mathletics levels to qualify.

  • Lower Primary students        must play at least one game of levels 1-3.
  • Upper Primary students        must play at least one game of levels 2-4.
  • Secondary students                must play at least one game of levels 3-6.

Points from levels 1-2 will not be counted for Secondary to encourage students to really test themselves.

All points scored in Levels 7-8 will count as double and points scored in Levels 9-10 as triple!

Interested in reading more about the prizes on offer? Click Here to see the full list.

And remember, it’s not all about prizes and personal glory! By taking part, students will be improving their maths skills and having fun at the same time.

Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for school prizes and a position on the leaderboard, a school is defined as 20 or more students. School students must enter as full classes, with a minimum of one full class.
  • Schools and individual students may be eligible for more than one prize where applicable.
  • All student results, data and achievements will be lost at the end of the AFL Maths Challenge event. These can be kept through the purchase of Mathletics annual licenses.
  • 3P Learning will provide free access to all schools and students taking part in the AFL Maths Challenge event. This access will be for 14 days for schools, and 10 days for individual students.
  • The AFL Maths Challenge leaderboard does not determine the final result. After the event, we will verify all results. We have the right, at our complete discretion, to determine the final positions of all participants and the winners of all categories.
  • Participants who do not comply with these General Conditions, may be removed from the leaderboard or disqualified from the Challenge at any time, and we will use our complete discretion as to whether or not removal or disqualification occurs.
  • Students, classes and schools may be required by us to provide proof of age and to sign a declaration that they individually and collectively participated without assistance from any other person, software, hardware or device.
  • Any students, classes or schools intentionally misusing the Site be disqualified or removed from the AFL Maths Challenge leaderboard of the competition or challenge at any time. Examples of misuse include but are not limited to computer hacking of the Site,posting fraudulent results, using computer scripts to improve responses, scores or otherwise.
  • Students, classes and schools not participating on courses or content appropriate for their age and we may remove ability at our complete discretion.
  • Prizes advertised for a challenge or competition may be substituted, for something of equivalent value, as determined by us or the prize provider at our complete discretion.
  • Challenges are designed to encourage school and student participation in a fun and engaging online learning event. We are thrilled that so many students from around the world are participating in the variety of events we support, and encourage you all to continue to join in.

To see the full Terms and Conditions for Mathletics, please Click Here.