ABC Reading Eggs builds from the basic foundations of reading all the way up to proficient reading and comprehension skills. It encourages students to discover and explore, expanding their literacy repertoires beyond basic reading to complete literacy understanding. From emergent readers learning the very building blocks of reading in ABC Reading Eggs, to developing advanced skills and strategies and becoming proficient readers with Reading Eggspress, students can follow the learning pathway from Foundation all the way to Year 6.

  • Assess, Diagnose and Report – We know that every child learns in different ways, this is why ABC Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress gives teachers the ability to assess, diagnose, report and create individualised learning pathways for every student in the class.
  • Powerful and Engaging – Adaptable to all literacy abilities and with a huge online library, ABC Reading Eggs has something to cater to the interests of all students.
  • Australian Curriculum Aligned – With activities fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum (F-6) and NAPLAN Preparation resources.

Take a closer look at ABC Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress and join us in our endeavour to help all Aussie kids become proficient readers.