“Five days of the competition are already over, and many of our students are still playing with determination to succeed. We started with the tests and activities – some were very easy, but there were also some topics that we haven’t studied yet. We are only meant to study them next year – but we have started already! It’s really good that there is help on the website, especially since our students speak hardly any English. It is good that mathematics can be understood even in the language that you do not speak. The students sometimes make mistakes just because they cannot translate the tasks themselves. But it is really great that the kids practice not only their maths skills but learn English at the same time!

Sometimes the students have to make sacrifices in order to remain their leading positions: one needs to spend a lot of time in front of the computer in order to stay ahead of other competitors, and when the weather is really nice, the students would rather be outside. It is hard that in Mathletics Live you can do as many exercises as you want – the students get very competitive and spend a lot of time playing it, since they want to win. I keep trying to convince the students to do as many tests and activities though, as I think that they better test the students’ knowledge.

We wish all the participants success in this competition. We hope that this will only help all the students develop their knowledge in maths (and English). This is a great opportunity – and we are really grateful for the organisers for such the opportunity to be part of this competition.”