Supporting your child with mathematics during a school closure doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Mathseeds does the work for you by delivering engaging, curriculum-aligned lessons and activities straight to your child’s device.

Follow these simple steps to get your child set up and ready to learn with Mathseeds.

Ensure you have a device ready for your child to use

Mathseeds is an online learning platform which can be accessed by almost any device with an internet connection. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11 are our recommended browsers.

Mathseeds also works on mobile devices, however for optimal experience your child should use a laptop, desktop or tablet as opposed to a phone.

Make sure you have your child’s username and password for Mathseeds

You will need your child’s login details to monitor their progress online, and to help them access Mathseeds if they forget their password.

These will have already been provided to your child at school, however if they have gone AWOL you can simply contact your child’s teacher who will email them to you.

Ensure your child is placed at the appropriate learning level

Mathseeds uses a placement test to determine your child’s ability level and learning pathway. This is the very first task assigned to students, and it will likely have been completed at school already.

If your child has not used Mathseeds before, they will need to complete the placement test at home. It is important that your child sits the placement test independently, as outside help will mean that they are placed on a lesson that exceeds their ability level.

Encourage your child to progress through the lessons

Once your child has been placed at the appropriate lesson level, they will be able to independently advance through Mathseeds’ structured learning sequence.  All you need to do is monitor and motivate them as they complete the lessons.

Each lesson contains short, fun activities which are followed by a Skills Test. If your child scores 8 out of 10 points, they will move to the next lesson. If not, they will be prompted to try the quiz again up to 3 times.

Your child’s teacher will automatically receive their results, but you can stay on top of their progress too by logging into their student account.

Encourage your child to do regular practice activities

Regular practice in addition to the lessons will improve your child’s mathematical fluency. Encourage your child to use the Mental Minute area of Mathseeds, where they are challenged to get as many correct answers as they can in 1 minute.

The Driving Test feature is also useful for practice. Students complete multiple-choice questions for their studied topics and are rewarded with a fun racing game if they get all answers correct.

Encourage your child to explore the other features of Mathseeds

The Mathseeds student console links to many other areas which students can explore at their own leisure, such as:

  • Play: here your child will find mathematics songs, books, and activities such as virtual cake decorating, cook cutting and bead threading.
  • The Arcade: your child will use some of the acorns they earn from their activities to play a game in this area. Not only are they fun, but these games are also designed to deepen your child’s mathematical knowledge.

Use rewards to set weekly goals

Your child will receive acorns as they complete different activities, which they can then use to purchase items for their in-game character in the Shop.  As a motivator, try setting a weekly goal to achieve a certain number of acorns.

Certificates are also awarded when your child successfully completes a quiz at the end of each topic. These are another useful motivator that you can set as a regular learning goal.

Keeping it fun!

The more your child explores Mathseeds, the more engaging activities they will uncover. Help them to discover what Mathseeds has to offer, and don’t forget to celebrate their learning along the way.

In order to keep your child’s screen time within limits, it’s also a good idea to use Mathseeds alongside home activities that put mathematics into practice. Try cooking together, counting change, or skipping and counting for some physical activity.

Lastly, if you’re having fun learning at home with Mathseeds, we’d love to know about it! Tag us in on social media with #Mathseeds and @3PLearning so that we can do our bit to motivate and celebrate home learners during this challenging time.

To keep learning happening in your home, sign into Mathseeds below using your child’s login details. Not sure what their details are? Contact your child’s teacher to find out.