It’s almost back to school time!

Are you still recovering from the holiday rush and dreading getting the kids into the school routine? The team at 3P Learning have put together 8 tips to help your family ease into the new school year.

1. Be enthusiastic

If you’re excited about the new year and back to school time, your child is more likely to feel confident too. Point out positive aspects of heading back to school, such as catching up with friends, a new area of study for their favourite subject or the upcoming swimming carnival.

2. Communicate

Ask your child about how they’re feeling about heading back to school. Encouraging kids to share both their excitement and concerns, is a helpful way to keep it in perspective. Arranging a play date with another child in their class can be a great way to ease nerves and help get kids excited about the new school year. Also check if their class is having a back-to-school party? Keeping in touch with peers can be especially helpful when kids are moving schools or starting high school.

3. Get Organised

Make sure you’ve got all the things you need for back-to-school time. Stock the pantry with lunchbox snacks, check those school uniforms fit and find the school lists with all items and books they will need for the new year.

4. Create a timetable

If you haven’t caught onto my mantra – Get organised. I always find that the term runs a lot more smoothly when we’ve  got a timetable on the fridge with the kids weekly activities. Not only does it help me to remember that Johnny’s  cricket training is at 4pm on a Monday, but it’s a great way to encourage kids to take responsibility to organise themselves. Encouraging kids to pack their own bags and remember their own bits and pieces teaches responsibility and consequences. And it’s one less job for Mum or Dad. Older kids can even help out by creating a fun family timetable.

5. Extra Curricular activities

Chat to your kids about their after-school activities. Are they keen to continue on the same sports and activities from last year or are they interested in trying something new!

6. Label Everything

Make sure that all those new uniforms, lunch boxes, bags etc are labelled clearly. This will save you time and money in the long run!

7. Get a head start on the year ahead

Take the opportunity in the week before kids head back to school to recap on some of the basics from the year before. Simple things like some basic counting or reading aloud can help get  little ones back into the swing of things. Older kids can benefit from reading over their school text books to familiarise themselves with the content to be covered for the year ahead. This is also a great time to get kids onto Mathletics to revise any challenging areas from 2014.

8. Routine

Do what you can the night before. Simple things like laying out tomorrows school uniform, making a start on lunch or packing school bags help to make sure everyone is in the right uniform and that library bags aren’t left behind.

Do you have any great tips to help get back to school ready?