Reading Eggspress has helped countless students develop their reading and comprehension skills in the classroom, but it’s just as effective at home. Here’s how you can ensure your students get the most out of it during the remote learning period.

Show your students around the program.

Reading Eggspress gives each student a personalised account from which they can learn at their own pace and complete individually set work. You can automatically generate a printable list of your class login details as follows:

  • In the teacher console, select Management then Manage Students.
  • Check the box above your students’ names to select all students.
  • Click the Print logins button above your class list.
  • Print the downloaded cards and distribute them to your class.

If your school also uses Mathseeds, students can log-in to either program using the same details and easily switch between them without having to input their details a second time.

Once you’ve got your students logged in, take the time to show them around the program. Make sure they know where to find the Lessons, and show them the Stadium where they can compete against their peers or other students around the world. Encourage them to explore the other features at home, as it’s packed with extra activities and resources that support student literacy.

If your students have already left for home, you can send this blog to parents so they can help their child get started. It’s an easy and intuitive platform for students to use, and 100% parent friendly, so they’ll be up and running in no time.

Ensure students are correctly placed at the right level

Reading Eggspress uses a placement test to set students up with lessons tailored to their ability level. In order to assign a placement test, follow these easy steps:

  • In the teacher console, select Management and then Manage Progress.
  • Check the box against the student you wish to assign the test to.
  • Click Edit Progress.
  • Select Placement Test from the drop-down menu.

If students have no choice but to complete the test at home, make sure you inform parents that it is something for their child to complete on their own. A bit of extra parental help will mean they are assigned lessons beyond their ability level. If you’re worried about this, you can refer to the Reading Eggs Teacher Guide and Placement Test Guide for advice on how to manually place students without them sitting the test.

Assign comprehension lessons, spelling lessons and library books.

Reading Eggspress sets a personal learning pathway for individual students, so you don’t have to. Even so, you can still set assignments as common goals or checkpoints along the way. To set an assignment:

  • Select Assignments in the teacher console.
  • Select Create Assignments.
  • Select the students you wish to assign the work to (the whole class, a differentiated group, or an individual).
  • Select a date range.
  • Choose the assignment content: either a spelling or comprehension lesson, or a library book for reading.
  • Click Create Assignment.

Once work has been assigned, students need to complete it before they can continue their own individual lessons. It’s a great way of keeping them accountable and regularly checking progress throughout the home learning period.

Monitor effort and progress.

With assignments set and students progressing on their own learning pathways, you’ll want to keep an eye on student results. Thankfully, with automated reporting and data-tracking, this process is easy. To access reports on student activity and progress:

  • Select Reports in teacher console
  • Select Dashboard
  • Look at the data for your whole class or select an individual student from the drop down menu.

With this information at your fingertips, you are perfectly placed to pick up on any students who might be lagging or struggling in particular areas. In response, you might set a personalised assignment, or contact parents with your concerns.

Prepare resources for students without internet access.

Not all students will have regular access to an internet-connected device at home, but Reading Eggspress comes stocked with printable resources for those who are learning offline. Simply click on Lessons in the teacher console, and then Resources under the relevant lesson. From here you can download a PDF of the lesson content to either print or send to students without a device.

Set some goals

Motivate your class by setting student goals with Reading Eggspress. Here are some ideas:

  • Complete a set amount of lessons each week.
  • Aim for a certificate – students achieve a certificate when they earn 1000 eggs.
  • Encourage students to use the Targets area, where they can set their own challenges to improve their personal best.
  • Set up a regular competition in the Stadium, with a daily time slot for students to challenge their peers.
  • Choose a book to read or listen to from the library each week, and then rate/review it for other students.

Setting these regular goals and challenges is also a great way of maintaining the community spirit of your class in the online world. Students can share their successes and stories with one another and know that they are not alone in the home learning journey.

Celebrate reading at home with Reading Eggspress.

It’s a challenging time for everyone, but an extended period of learning from home provides a great opportunity to get the whole family on board with reading and literacy learning. Encourage your students to share and explore the program with their siblings and friends, and keep parents informed of what’s happening so that they can get involved too. Before long, reading will become a family affair as opposed to just a school activity.

Need help with literacy for distance learning?

We’ve got you covered. Visit our Help Hub for guides on navigating your program, or check out our full suite of distance learning solutions here.