Countless teachers have benefited from Reading Eggspress, but it’s an equally powerful tool for parents wanting to keep their child’s literacy on track when learning from home.

Here’s how you set up an instant literacy learning platform at home with Reading Eggspress.

Know how to access Reading Eggspress

Reading Eggspress is an online literacy learning platform that is accessed via Reading Eggs. It is focussed on developing comprehension skills, and an overall love of reading.

If you are unsure whether your child should be using Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress, check with your child’s teacher.

Reading Eggspress can be accessed by almost any device with an internet connection. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11 are our recommended browsers.

The program also works on mobile devices, however for optimal experience your child should use a laptop, desktop or tablet as opposed to a phone.

Check you have your child’s username and password

You will need your child’s login details to monitor their progress online, and to help them access Reading Eggspress if they forget their password.

These will have already been provided to your child at school, however if they have gone AWOL you can simply contact your child’s teacher who will email them to you.

Note: if your child’s school also has a Mathseeds subscription, the same login details can be used to access their account on that platform too.

Ensure that your child is placed at the appropriate starting level

The first time your child goes on Reading Eggspress they will complete a placement test to determine their level of ability and starting lesson. This will likely have been done at school already.

If your child has not used Reading Eggspress before, they will need to sit the placement test at home. Just ensure that you let them complete it independently, as extra help will result in them being placed at an inaccurate starting level.

Encourage your child to complete the lessons

Once your child has sat the placement test, they are free to advance through Reading Eggspress’s automated lesson sequence. All you need to do is monitor and motivate them.

Each lesson starts with a short instructional element, followed by multiple activities that help your child explore vocabulary and comprehension strategies.

Your child will be awarded eggs as they progress through the lessons. If they achieve 1000 eggs in one week, they will earn a certificate. They can also use their eggs to buy items for their in-game character in the Shopping Mall.

Monitor your child’s completion of assignments

Your child’s teacher will periodically set assignments, which might be spelling lessons, books to read, or lessons from the main learning area. You will know when a task has been assigned as your child will be guided to complete the assigned activity before being able to resume working independently.

Encourage your child to explore the different areas of Reading Eggspress

Reading Eggspress has a host of different areas to explore outside of the main lesson sequence, and they’re all designed to promote learning while being engaging.

  • English Skills supports your child in improving their spelling abilities. Each lesson follows a spelling rule or pattern and moves through several levels of difficulty.
  • The Stadium is where your child can challenge their peers, the computer, or other students around the world. They can choose to compete in either spelling, grammar, vocabulary, or word usage.
  • The Library gives your child access to 2500+ eBooks. Use the search facility to look for books on topics of interest, or search by author or series. Your child can also write reviews to be read by other students.

Set goals and incentives for ongoing learning

Your child’s teacher may have specified some goals already, but you can also set some challenges together with your child. These might be:

  • Completing a set amount of lessons per week.
  • Earning a set number of eggs per week and then challenging their personal best.
  • Earning a certificate (1000 eggs in one week).
  • Looking at the Target area and achieving each step in a level.
  • Reading and reviewing a book (or more) per week.

The more ongoing goals you set, the more motivated your child will be to further their reading skills with Reading Eggspress.

And if your child is having fun learning with Reading Eggspress, we don’t want to miss out! Tag us into your social media posts with #Reading Eggspress and @3plearning, so we can send home some messages of motivation and congratulations.  

To keep learning happening in your home, sign into Reading Eggs below using your child’s login details, then select Reading Eggspress. Contact your child’s teacher if you are unsure of their login details.