Readiwriter Spelling has got your child’s spelling covered while they’re home from school.

Here are the easy steps you should follow to get the program set up and optimised for your child’s learning.

Ensure you have a device ready for your child to use

Readiwriter Spelling is an online learning platform which can be accessed by almost any device with an internet connection. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11 are our recommended browsers.

Currently there is no app for Readiwriter Spelling, but you can also access it on an iPad via a link saved to the home screen.

Make sure you have your child’s username and password for Readiwriter Spelling

You will need your child’s login details to monitor their progress online, and to help them access Readiwriter Spelling if they forget their password.

These will have already been provided to your child at school, however if they have gone AWOL you can simply contact your child’s teacher who will email them to you.

Note: if your child’s school uses Mathletics, the same login details will grant you access to that program too. You can then monitor their mathematics progress as well as their literacy.

Ensure your child is placed at the appropriate learning level

Your child’s teacher will have ensured that the program is aligned to the correct curriculum and course. However, if your child is having significant difficulty with unfamiliar content, contact the classroom teacher to make sure they have been assigned the right material.

Help your child navigate Readiwriter Spelling

The centre of the student portal contains four hexagons: Prepare, Practice, Explore, and Feedback. We recommend that your child works through these in a clockwise direction.

The My Word Lists area on the left-hand side of your child’s console displays the word lists their teacher has assigned for them to learn. Your child should select one word list to focus on and then click into the Prepare hexagon first, followed by the hexagons as they progress through the activities in each section.

Support your child with the activities where needed

The activities are:

  • Word Facts: provides a definition, phonemic and syllabic breakdown, and context for words in the list.
  • Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check: the digital version of a research-proven strategy for learning spellings.
  • Word List Workout: spelling the word that is missing from the sentence. An audio recording reads out the sentence and missing word)
  • Magic Boxes: your child sounds out the individual letter sounds in phonetically plausible words.
  • Syllable Sushi: your child will be asked to identify how many syllables they can hear, and which letters are in each syllable.
  • Finish the Sentence: your child will have to find the correct word to complete the sentence.
  • Picnic Panic: your child matches a word with its correct definition.

After all activities have been completed, the Results section in Feedback will allow your child to review their progress across all word lists and for each activity.

Access offline activities where needed

Your child’s teacher can access printable worksheets aligned with each wordlist that is assigned in Readiwriter Spelling. If you have limited internet access or feel that your child would benefit from being able to practise offline for a while, just ask for these sheets to be emailed to you or printed.

Celebrate achievements and effort 

Celebrating your child’s achievements and efforts will encourage them to keep coming back to Readiwriter Spelling, so make sure that you acknowledge their success when they earn a certificate (1000+ points earned in a week).

You could also use this as an opportunity to set goals for home learning. Challenge them to achieve a Gold or Silver Certificate by earning multiple weekly certificates, or simply set a target for weekly lessons to be completed.

In order to keep track of your child’s achievements, you can always click on their weekly points in the student portal to see certificates they have earned and an overview of their progress.

You might also want to keep your child motivated by sharing their efforts on social media. If you do, make sure you tag us in with #Readiwriter Spelling and @3PLearning so that we can send our own messages of support!