Students loving learning3P Learning recently teamed up with educational thought leader Tim Rylands for a Love Learning Day hosted by Langafel C of E Primary School – long-term users of Mathletics and home of one of our Mathletics Lead Educators, Ruth Sivarajah.  Tim shares our love of learning and passion for allowing technology to inspire creativity, imagination and problem solving – so it was wonderful to work alongside him to bring out the best in pupils who came from six schools across Kent and London.

The day involved Year 2 and Year 6 pupils attending a workshop hosted by Tim in which he used the DVD adventure game Myst 3 Exile as a teaching tool – giving them a rich, immersive landscape which they were encouraged to imagine and describe in order to develop their writing skills.  Then children had the chance to explore numeracy and literacy concepts at their own pace and also bring out their competitive sides by playing on Mathletics, Spellodrome and Reading Eggs in competitions organised by 3P’s Muhammad Daniel.

Ruth Sivarajah shares that one of the most valuable elements of the day for her and her teaching colleagues was to learn from Tim’s open approach to learning, in which he provided a safe environment for pupils to feel that there was no wrong answer and there were no caps on what they could contribute.  By allowing children time and space to imagine and share, children felt able to participate in a full and responsive manner and were encouraged to be curious – something we at 3P Learning passionately believe in!   Ruth explains, “Tim took technology and used it to build up the children’s writing skills gradually over the course of the morning, then by the end of the session he had both surprised them by where the virtual landscape had taken them but also by the descriptive abilities they found they had!”  Who better to share what it was like than the children themselves?

“The different approach helped us with our adventurous vocabulary.”  (Rhiannon P)
“I liked the interactive bit because I felt as though I was really there.”  (Amy C)
“It was amazing.  I  enjoyed every minute.”  (Holly N)

Winning students are presented with their certificates


A day like this in which teachers and pupils experience a different person and approach is always going to be exciting and thought-provoking, but the challenge is how to keep up the momentum for the rest of the school year.  We asked Ruth what they plan to do at Langafel for the next term to make the most of the teaching strategies learnt from the Love Learning Day – “I think I’d like to encourage our teachers to have a ‘high ceiling’ in their classroom to allow pupils to show what they can do, not what they can’t.  I think we also need to think outside of the box more often – for example in maths we need to find ways to teach the subject in a problem solving context.  Something we’ve done in the past and may repeat is ‘Maths through the Movies’ in which all maths for that week was based on a film such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – ratios really come to life for a child when you’re trying to work out what proportion of a human’s diet you would need to meet the nutritional requirements of an oompaloompa!”

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