Welcome to the very first 3P Learning Podcast! Our 3P Education Specialists are always talking pedagogy, learning frameworks and what’s happening in the world of education, so we decided to stick a microphone in front of them. Now you get to enjoy the monster we’ve unleashed.

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What’s in this episode

We’re barreling our way through SpellCoPro (our collaborative spelling project – read about it here), and the team couldn’t (and wouldn’t) stop talking about a key part of spelling assessment – learning approaches. It’s a deep topic for educators and for 3P Learning. It defines how we do things in the classroom and the underlying principles that make shape how we develop our educational programs.

The team dive into what spelling learning approaches look like and how we’re incorporating a brand new teaching framework to make our spelling program ready for the next-generation.

Our Podcasters

Allan ‘Dougs’ Dougan | Global Head of Education, Australia (via Scotland)

Allan is, and will always be, a teacher. He currently holds the role of Global Head of Education at 3P Learning, where his decades of classroom experience and earned expertise are being used to help children the world over. Allan is a teachers’ teacher; engaging, inspiring and motivating others in their pedagogical pursuits through his keen knowledge and hands-on leadership, creating inspiring leaders in turn. His passion for learning drives 3P’s education strategy, and his goal to empower teachers is fostering a love of learning for generations of today and tomorrow.

Mandy Bradshaw | Lead Educator, New Zealand

Mandy is a veteran primary school teacher with a mind for maths and science and the style to pass it on. Having enjoyed a 6-month science fellowship and experiencing several managerial roles, Mandy brings a powerful perspective that forms the heart of 3P Learning’s STEM programs. Mandy is constantly investigating and pushing the boundaries of digital pedagogy, her keen intuition on the connected world bridging gaps between educators and students worldwide. When she’s not engaged in discussion and debates around education and teaching, you can find her as a learner surfboarder in New Zealand’s waves.

Kim Hawgood | Lead Education Specialist, Australia

Kim is the teacher that every kid wanted to impress. Pursuing pedagogical excellence through kind guidance, Kim has been an inspirational educator for both her past students and current colleagues at 3P Learning. She’s invested in the quality of our programs, the way they’re delivered, and ensuring that we’re giving teachers the support they deserve and students the value they need to find a love of learning. A loving mother to her human and canine children, Kim represents the best of 3P learning.

Chris Hogbin | Lead Education Specialist, Australia

Chris is a master of mathematics teaching and a lifelong learner. Having found his own experience with school dull, Chris has made it his goal to bring passion into his classrooms. Focusing on personal connections, engagement, instrinsic motivation and making learning relevant, he brings a new level of educational experience to his students. His drive shapes how 3P Learning approaches student engagement, stamping every activity with the mark of an educator who has the joy of learning at the forefront of their mind. When he’s not changing the future of learning, Chris is adventuring in the outdoors, hiking, camping, or teaching catch to schools of fish.