At 3P Learning, supporting schools is one of our core organisational values. We make a promise to be there for all of our users and to deliver powerful resources that engage students and empower teachers.

In saying this, the team at 3P learning is excited to announce our partnership with Campion Education, formed to better support secondary schools in Australia.

Many schools would be familiar with Campion as one of Australia’s largest suppliers of textbooks and eBooks and as a major supplier of stationery and calculators.

As part of the partnership, Campion will act as a distributor of Mathletics, IntoScience and Spellodrome to secondary Australian schools.

James Cathro, Campion Education Managing Director, said the partnership would give more teachers access to engaging learning resources.

“This new exclusive partnership agreement with 3P Learning is an important development for Campion Education as we continue to support schools with their digital education resources,” said Cathro.

“Mathletics, Spellodrome and IntoScience are powerful learning resources that have had years of proven success.  By simplifying the distribution and access process for schools, we’re looking forward to helping more teachers across the country strengthen their pool of teaching resources and engage their students in the key subject areas of Mathematics, Science, and English.”

Andrew Smith, 3P learning Australia CEO, was also keen to get the partnership up and running.

“We at 3P Learning feel incredibly honoured to be working alongside a company with a tremendous amount of experience in the education sector and that is held in such high esteem.” Smith had said.

“Education and eLearning in particular is moving incredibly fast and is picking up pace. Being ahead of the game is where we want to be and we believe this agreement will keep us there.”

For more information about Campion Education click here.