There can be no question of doubting the commitment of Teachers, parents and students when it comes to giving time to Mathematics in Asian Schools. This was again demonstrated this weekend when around 65 Year 5 students came together at Garden International School Kuala Lumpur for the KL Primary School Maths Challenge.

9 schools were represented at this event which saw dedicated teachers run events like Maths Trails, Problem solving rounds, individual and team recall and logic challenges and, of course an online round using the Mathletics Live Engine. It was a 2-day event involving schools from KL and outside of Malaysia with one school having flown in from Penang.

3P Learning was proud to provide it’s platform to the event organisers so that a very challenging, fun and exciting round could be offered as a part of the challenge. It worked incredibly well with the new reporting engine in Live Mathletics which allowed for the students to be able to see the event leaders in real time. Little surprise that the teachers in attendance were all asking about the possibilities of setting up a similar event within their school!

Congratulations to all involved in this well-organised and very successful event.