British International School Belgrade Year 4 SuperMathlete Champions

The week of the 7th April was a busy one in the primary school at British International School Belgrade. All the students were actively engaged in the SuperMathlete Challenge at school (and also for many at home as well!).

The results of the Challenge were announced in the assembly the following week, where a guest of honour, HE Waschuk, the Canadian Ambassador, had graciously agreed to hand out trophies and certificates.

Students had spent the week solving mathematical problems on the Mathletics. Several competitions were on the oat the same time. Students were competing to be their year’s SuperMathlete, so seven awards were up for grabs. At the same time any student who came in the Top 100 European Hall of Fame on any day during the week long Challenge was also rewarded with a certificate. Finally there was a trophy for the Top Student in the Primary as well as for the Top Class. So lots to work hard for, and the students certainly came up with some amazing results. Students were still eligible to attain a Bronze/Silver or Gold certificate if they scored over 1000 points as per the normal weekly Mathletics challenge.

Year 4 with their SuperMathlete Top Class trophy

The results were phenomenal, and Ambassador Waschuk, Ms Keserovic, BIS Principal, and all the BIS staff were amazed at how well the BIS students responded to this Challenge. Year 4 came out as the top class, but not only at BIS but with a score of over 212,000 points were the Top European class that week. Year 2 students (6-7 years old) also pulled together as a year group and came second in the school, as well as being 2nd in the Europe Hall of Fame. Some excellent achievements, even better when one realises that the class sizes at BIS are very small, and students were competing against classes with far more students in them.

Oliver, in Year 4, was the Top SuperMathlete with a personal tally of over 58,000 points and was very pleased to receive his trophy from HE Waschuk.

Oliver with his Top Student trophy and HE Waschuk

The results for each class were as follows:

Reception Year Alexander
Year 1                    Maria
Year 2                    Luka
Year 3                    Benjamin
Year 4                    Oliver
Year 5                    Maximos
Year 6                    Vivien

A truly international result with students from 5 different nationalities representing the top student in each year!

Neil Howie, Vice Principal and Mathletics Lead Educator

 British International School Belgrade

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