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Welcome back students, teachers and parents of the world! It’s that time of the year again, the World Education Games are on!

To enjoy all the awesome things the World Education Games have to offer, remember to check out this blog from time to time to hear from your World Ambassadors! These students represent each and every single one of you from all around the world. They share interesting stories of how the students they represent are taking part in the WEG, and even give some useful tips!

The World Education Games Team also uses this blog to share important information and give updates on the results of the competitions. So make sure you read the blog every now and then, or you might miss out on something!

World Maths Day, World Spelling Day and World Science Day provide a great way for students, parents and teachers to have so much fun that you forget you’re learning! It’s so great that you can take part on computers, iPads, iPhones, iPods and Android devices this year! Making the Hall of Fame can be pretty tough, but if you have lots of speed AND accuracy, you’ll get there! Setting some realistic goals and aiming to beat your personal best is also an effective way to enjoy the WEG.

Wishing your all the very best for #WEG2015!