Mathletics Lead Educator Certification

Matt Rogers Pic

Matt initially joined the 3P learning community when Snowsfields Primary School, in London, introduced Mathletics around 3 years ago.  As the new ICT subject leader he wanted to ensure that technology was being used effectively across all curriculum subjects.  Mathletics was one of the biggest successes at Snowsfields and Matt believes it is now the driving force that links children’s learning at school and at home.

Matt has been a primary class teacher for over 5 years and currently has the role of teaching and delivering the ICT and Computing curriculum before its official integration in September 2014.

Matt is passionate about creating an inspiring and useful learning experience for pupils at Snowsfields.  He believes it is crucial that children make the connection between what they are learning and why, and endeauvours to equip pupils with the skills they need to continue their learning independently.

Find out how you can join our growing teaching community with the Mathletics Lead Educator Program.

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