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Pilot Program

Join us for the WordFlyers Pilot Program, your chance to explore the WordFlyers literacy resource for six whole weeks in Term 4.


What’s included?

What to expect during the Pilot Program…

Your 6 weeks access to WordFlyers as part of the Pilot Program provides you with the chance to focus on strengthening students’ literacy skills in the key areas of grammar, reading, comprehension, punctuation, vocabulary and writing.

  • Differentiated Instruction

    WordFlyers is designed so teachers can deliver content at a level that suits the literacy requirements of individual students. During the Pilot you will learn to:

    • Set students on appropriate activity levels
    • Set individual study plans for students
  • Engaged Students

    The rewards points system and theme of international travel increases student engagement and motivates them to complete lessons and improve their literacy skills. In the Pilot Guide we will also provide you with simple tips and tricks to increase student engagement and motivation, including an awesome class challenge.

  • Review Progress

    With WordFlyers, teachers receive immediate feedback on their students’ strengths and weaknesses via automated marking and online reports. Over the 6-week period you will be able to gain insights into student performance, track progress and make changes where necessary to ensure students are improving their literacy skills.

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What is WordFlyers?

Designed for teachers, by teachers, WordFlyers is a digital literacy resource dedicated to strengthening the literacy skills of Year 7 – 10 students in grammar, reading, comprehension, punctuation, vocabulary and writing.

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Happily, from recent NAPLAN results, we’ve seen a significant improvement in students’ literacy skills. In particular, students’ results in reading, spelling and grammar have strongly improved from 2015 to 2017. WordFlyers has made a difference in our school.
Pauline Hageman, Head Teacher - English and Drama, Burwood Girls High School, New South Wales
My class is really loving WordFlyers, so much so that they’re disappointed when I ask them to finish their lesson so we can move on to something else! I love that it caters to students’ ability levels and that they can learn at their own paces.
Leah Nicholls, Belgrave Heights Christian School, Belgrave Heights, Victoria
WordFlyers has made a difference in our school. It has improved self-esteem and challenges our students to get higher scores, which improves their literacy skills.
Julie Hemmett, English Support, James Meehan High School, Macquarie Fields, New South Wales

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Wordflyers Pilot Program