Available On Your Teacher Dashboard Now

Your new hub for personalising learning in your secondary classroom.

Set specific tasks

Manage activities

Monitor workload

Track progress

New for Teachers

  • Set and manage students’ assigned activities without jumping between your Teacher Dashboard tools

  • Improved filtering options to help select appropriate activities and personalise learning paths for your students

  • Track students’ progress by viewing past and current assignment results without needing to visit Reports

  • Use individual student workload and engagement stats to help determine the next steps for learning

  • Prepare homework in advance by setting flexible start and due dates

  • Assign Learn activities and NAPLAN practice activities to help prepare students for test-time

  • WordFlyers Subscription Coordinators can assign students tasks on behalf of any teacher in their school

New for Students

  • The new ‘My Assignments’ tab enables students to better manage assigned activities and take control of learning

  • Improved Student Dashboard notifications shows students which teacher has set an assignment, the unique assignment name, and due date

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