Discover our powerful visual literacy resources

The education specialists at Spellodrome have developed a series of unique visual literacy packs to help students and teachers meet their visual literacy curriculum needs in an engaging and effective way. Visual literacy is often a challenging concept to teach in the classroom, so we’d like to offer you one of our favourite visual literacy packs for FREE: “Lyrebirds Remember”.

The study of the stunning wordless book, “Lyrebirds Remember”, the viewing of David Attenborough’s lyrebird video clip and the related Spellodrome visual literacy activities are a perfect way to teach the fundamentals of visual literacy.


Uncover the power of Spellodrome and download our FREE visual literacy pack today!

Simply fill out the form to access your FREE Spellodrome Visual Literacy Classroom Pack. Your pack includes:

  • The “Lyrebirds Remember” wordless book

  • 12 lessons with stepped-out activities for primary and lower-secondary classes. Each activity gives students the opportunity to develop skills in exploration, analysis, decoding, interpretation, questioning and analysis

  • Access to David Attenborough’s BBC lyrebird video clip