Made for students.  Making spelling as simple as ABC.

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Spellodrome provides a safe, secure and engaging online world of learning for students. Rewards and certificates keep students motivated, with a wide range of spelling games and activities based on a teacher-assigned word list.

Students develop their own spelling strategies through the recognition of letter patterns and word families. Look, cover, write, check – without the endless repetition.

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Look, cover, write, check!

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Live Spellodrome spelling competition

It’s fast, it’s furious. Introducing LIVE Spellodrome, a real-time race challenge where students are matched and compete with friends in their school, or players in classrooms on the other side of the world!

Hugely popular, Live Spellodrome harnesses the power of the internet to increases students’ confidence in spelling, as well as speed of mental spelling strategy.

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Spellodrome Word Detective

Work alongside the famous Mr. D. Tective to identify, solve and spell the missing words.

Spellodrome Words in Pieces

Your word list has been broken up and scattered across jigsaw pieces – can you put them back together?

Spellodrome Word List Workout

Take on the challenge against the clock to identify and spell as many of your words correctly as possible.

Get awarded.

It’s great to be recognised when you do well – or when you try your best. Earn a weekly total of 1000 points in Spellodrome activities and receive your weekly award.

Certificates build up over time – will you reach the ultimate Galaxy Award?

Spellodrome Student Certificates

…and there is so much more.

Get in touch with the friendly team of educational specialists at Spellodrome for more details. We’d love to speak to you.