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Can I access Spellodrome on a mobile device, like my iPad?

Absolutely. Spellodrome is now fully HTML, meaning you can access it on almost any mobile device. We do recommend you use tablet-sized device though, as the smaller screens on mobile phones can make it difficult to navigate around Spellodrome, and we only want you to have the best possible experience. You can find all of the details at http://www.3plearning.com/tech/spellodrome/

How can I add a new student account to Spellodrome?

  • Sign into the Administration Console using your school's admin username and password.
  • Go to School Roll and click on the ‘Students’ tab, and ‘Add students’.
  • Type in the student’s details (Name & Year Group), and assign them a class under the column ‘Spellodrome Class’.
  • Press ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will be notified that the student has been added, and can download their login details by clicking ‘Download Sign In’.

How can I add a new teacher account to Spellodrome?

  • Sign into the Administration Console using your school's admin username and password.
  • Go to School Roll and click on the ‘Teachers’ tab, and ‘Add teachers’.
  • Type in the teacher's details and assign them a class under the column ‘Spellodrome Class’.
  • Press ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen.

How can I create a learning group within my class?

You can easily create groups by selecting the ‘Classes’ icon in the Teacher Console.

  • Select ‘New Group’ and assign a group name, default country and course. Now select ‘Add group’ to finalise.
  • You can place students in the group by selecting the group, and pressing ‘Move students’. Find the students from your school roll on the right and drag them into the group list on the left hand side.
  • You can also move students between groups by simply dragging them from one group into another.

Click here for the Classes & Groups Guide.

How can I create my own word list?

  • Select the ‘Word Lists’ icon in the Teacher Console and click ‘Create New Program’ to make your own completely tailored word lists. You can now select a year group and enter a name for your program.
  • Over 10,000 words are available to pull into your word list. To browse, select ‘Search by Topic’ or ‘Search by Word’.
  • Select whole categories or individual words and drag them over to your word list on the left.
  • Click ‘Save Program’. This program will now be available for your students or students of other teachers within your school.
  • There are also year level based programs, which are pre-built lists that you can use and build on. Click on ‘Use as Template’, and select a year group and name.  This will give you an editable version of the list. From here you add words to your list, or drag them to the recycle bin to remove.

Click here to download a PDF guide on word lists. 

Do I have to create a word list from scratch?

No, however it is an option if the teacher wishes to create their own list. There are several pre-built (curriculum aligned) programs that teachers can choose from to assign to their class.

How can I assign a word list to my class?

  • Select the ‘Word Lists’ icon in your Teacher Console
  • Under the ‘View and set programs’ section, select the word list you would like to assign to your group. You can choose from word lists created by you or your colleagues (listed under your school name) or a pre-made year level based program (listed under your country name).
  • Press ‘Set program’ to finalise.

Click here to download a PDF guide on word lists.

Is it possible to create several weeks worth of word lists in advance?

Absolutely. Teachers can create as many word lists as they like and ‘hide’ to temporarily remove the list from the students' view. When teachers are ready to use the list, they can move ‘hide’ to ‘show’.

Click here to download a PDF guide covering word lists.

Can I add my own words into the Spellodrome word bank?

If you wish to add a word that isn’t in the Word Bank, click the ‘Request a Word’ icon in the Teacher Console menu. (Note: all word requests are accepted but are not guaranteed to appear in the Word Bank.)

Can I view what my students are seeing?

Yes. To view what your students can see when they login, simply click on ‘Demonstrations’ icon in your Teacher Console. This will display the Spellodrome student interface, as your class will see it.

Does Spellodrome include any printable resources?

Yes, there is a vast library of printable resources in Spellodrome, available in both student and teacher versions. Click the ‘Workbooks’ icon in the Teacher Console to view various resources and spelling guides that you can print out for students. Two series of workbooks are available...

  • Spelling Worksheets are a series of spelling related activities for series A > H.
  • Instant Workbooks are a range of spelling, grammar and punctuation workbooks with activities for students aligned to the spelling programs in series C, D, E, F, G, H & J.

What is a Guest Pass?

A Guest Pass is available to parents and students and gives 48 hours of FREE access to either Mathletics and/or Spellodrome. Designed for home users of our resources, the Guest Pass is a great way to see the impact of Mathletics and Spellodrome in the home before committing to a subscription. In a single home, Guest Passes for up to three students are available at www.mathletics.com/guestpass.

How can I access technical support for Spellodrome?

Click here to access the Spellodrome technical hub for a full list of technical requirements and supported devices.


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