Rollover for a smooth transition into the new year

Make sure all your students are in the correct Mathletics and Spellodrome classes for the new year. Let us step you through…

Update your spreadsheet.

There are two ways to complete your spreadsheet for the new year:

Option 1 – Download your spreadsheet

  • Sign into your school’s Administration Console
  • Click ‘School Roll’
  • Click ‘Rollover’
  • Select Mathletics or Spellodrome
  • Click ‘Download School Roll’

Note: Windows users require Office 2007 or higher. Mac users require Office for Mac 2008.

If you have forgotten your admin login, call us on 1300 850 331 or email rollover@3plearning.com

Option 2 – Use your school database

You’re welcome to use your own school database for Rollover, you’ll simply need to update the formatting to ensure it matches with our system.

  • Open a blank Excel spreadsheet
  • Create the following column headings, in this exact order: Student First name, Student Surname, Year, Class Name, Teacher Title, Teacher First Name, Teacher Surname, Teacher Email
  • One column at a time, copy and paste the data from your school database into the new spreadsheet.
  • Please take extra care to make sure that names are entered the same way as they’re currently listed in Mathletics – otherwise new student accounts will be created
Remove students that have left the school by right clicking on the row number of the student you wish to remove and select ‘Delete Row’. Add new students to the first available row, ensuring that you fill out all the required year, class and teacher information.
Once you have all your students added, update their year levels for the new year. Use the copy/paste or drag functionality in Excel to make bulk changes.
Sort or filter by year and update the class and teacher details for each student. Use the copy/paste or drag functionality as a shortcut. Please note:

  • Students with identical names must be identified with a unique character eg. John B Smith or John Smith1.
  • During the Rollover process, a student can only be in one class. After Rollover, Teachers may copy students into other classes based on ability.
  • Teachers can share a class. Simply ensure that each Teacher appears on the spreadsheet next to the shared class at least once.
  • To retain student usernames and data, do not alter existing student names. Corrections can be made in the Administration Console after Rollover.

Process your rollover.

  • Sign into your school’s Administration Console
  • Click ‘School Roll’
  • Click ‘Rollover’
  • Select Mathletics or Spellodrome


  • Copy and paste your updated spreadsheet (excluding column headings) into the grid
  • Click Save
  • Select the type of Rollover you wish to perform, we strongly advise you to select ‘Full School’

Note: If school rolls are managed separately for junior and senior school, please don’t perform a full school rollover. Contact your account manager for assistance.


If data is missing or incorrect the system will prompt you to amend. These changes are highlighted and can be corrected and saved.
The Rollover Summary will display all changes when your Rollover has been successful.

To print sign in cards for individual teachers:

  • Click ‘School Admin’
  • Select ‘Print Sign in Cards’ at the bottom of your screen
  • Ensure you select the ‘Print Teachers’ option


NOTE: To retain student usernames and data, do not alter existing student names. 

Has your browser blocked Flash?
Recently, some browsers have adjusted their default settings to block Flash, which may cause you problems when running our older Mathletics platform and some portions of the new platform. This can be easily overcome by adjusting your browser’s settings to allow Flash to run. Visit our Flash help page to find out more.


Visual learner? Watch the tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each spreadsheet contains student information from the last academic year. Your role is to update the spreadsheet with new year groups and classes, add new enrolments and remove students that have left the school. Please do not change existing student names. This will enable results to be retrieved if required. This information must be submitted on the spreadsheet as our database cannot accept information from a Word document or various school, region or state formats.
Yes! We encourage schools to use the guide to complete your own Rollover as soon as possible. The process itself is relatively quick and there are no delays in getting up and running for the academic year.
No, to ensure a quick and successful Rollover please complete a whole school Rollover. Contact your Account Manager if you require some of your year groups to be updated but not all. Any students that are missing will be in the ‘unassigned’ area.
No, names must remain unchanged for an accurate match allowing students to retain results and usernames. Where names are changed new student accounts will be created. Corrections and changes can be made in the Admin Console after Rollover.
Students with the same name need a unique character to differentiate them eg, John Smith1 or John B Smith.
Yes, but only after Rollover. A student can be copied to appear in two or more classes from within the Teacher Console.
Yes, Teachers can share a class. Simply ensure that each Teacher appears on the spreadsheet beside their class at least once.
Yes, after the Rollover has been completed we encourage teachers to differentiate classes within the Teacher Console.
Throughout the year we will communicate important information around training options, product releases and major events.
The spreadsheets are prepared in Excel 2007 which is a Windows product. Mac users require Office for Mac 2008 or higher. Please contact us if you are having difficulty opening or saving your spreadsheet.
If your Mathletics and Spellodrome classes are identical eg, in a primary school, you will only have to update your spreadsheet once.
If your Spellodrome classes differ to Mathletics classes eg, in a secondary school, the spreadsheet must be downloaded and updated for each product. Either way, you will need to complete the DIY rollover step, separately for each product.
The deadline is 14 September 2018, however the sooner you complete your rollover, the sooner your students and teachers will be able to access their new classes.
All student data has been archived for Mathletics. After your Rollover has been completed, teachers or administrators may decide to ‘Start Fresh’ or ‘Keep Results’ (Gold Bars). This does not affect students’ certificates, points, avatar, Live Mathletics statistics and credits, provided the existing students’ names have not been changed. Eg, Sam to Samantha
In order to retrieve data from last year, go to your Admin Console and click on ‘Keep Mathletics Gold Bars from last year’ button after you’ve completed your rollover.
Yes, in fact we encourage you to monitor student enrolment. Add new students via the ‘School Roll’ in the Administration Console.
Yes, after rollover you can transfer a student’s Mathletics and Spellodrome account from their previous school. To transfer via the Administration Console you will require the student username and an exact name match to be successful. This will transfer their avatar, credit points and username.
Your students may have received a new username. Check student details in the School Roll including ‘Unassigned Students’. You can reinstate the original username here and delete the new one so your student numbers don’t exceed your cap.

We’re here to help…

If you need a hand with your Rollover, simply email rollover@3plearning.com or call 1300 850 331. For our NZ customers email rollovers@3plearning.co.nz or call 0800 375 327.