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Help your child feel comfortable in the test environment.

At Mathletics we promise to deliver student engagement, motivation, and improved learning outcomes for your kids. NAPLAN can be a stressful time for both parents and students. This suite of resources aims to familiarise students with the format of NAPLAN and ease the anxiety around test conditions.

Online NAPLAN Test Prep
Print NAPLAN support materials

Online NAPLAN Test Prep in Mathletics

Mathletics Test Prep helps to motivate students by keeping track of multiple attempts at the same assessment. This gives students the ability to track their progress after every attempt and see any knowledge gaps closing right before their eyes.

NAPLAN Test Prep Step 1

Students can choose from a range of NAPLAN style practice assessments to test their knowledge. Better yet, all tests are self-marking, so there is no additional teacher workload.

NAPLAN Test Prep Step 2

Once students have sat an assessment, they can review their results and the handy Suggested Activities Report will recommend and link students to curriculum activities based on any knowledge gaps.

NAPLAN Test Prep Step 3

Test Prep helps to motivate students by keeping track of multiple attempts at the same assessment. This gives students the ability to track their progress after every attempt.

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Paper based NAPLAN Practice Tests

These books have been created especially for you and your child. They are designed to support you in helping your child familiarise with the NAPLAN format including how to complete the two question types. By completing the practice assessment in the allotted time and understanding if there are any areas of mathematics in which your child needs further assistance, you will be able to help them better prepare.

Only $17.95 per book + P & H of $2.

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Don’t take our word for it.

“The results show that using Mathletics has a highly significant impact on the attainment of students in the NAPLAN test. Students in all cohorts benefit and gain the greatest benefit when they use it over a number of years.

There is a 100 percent likelihood that the schools who use Mathletics achieve higher results than schools that do not.”

Dr. Tony Stokes

ACU Sydney, BA DipEd (UNSW), MEc (SocSc)(Hons)(Syd),

Exam tips for your child

  1. Keep a positive attitude throughout the test and try to stay relaxed.

  2. Pace yourself, don’t rush. Read the whole question and pay attention to all the details.

  3. Look for key words in every question to help you to understand and answer what is being asked of you.

  4. Write neatly. If the marker can’t read what you have written; your answer may be marked as incorrect.

  5. Neatly shade ONE bubble when answering the multiple choice questions. Your answer needs to be clear.

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Great for parents and homeschoolers…

Mathletics is a multi-award winning learning resource that encourages students and rewards results – hugely popular with students, educators and parents alike.

  • Engaging curriculum-aligned maths content for K-12 students
  • FREE weekly report on progress emailed to parents
  • Instant feedback, encouraging independent learning
  • Great Mathletics app available for iPad and Android tablets – now with offline mode.
  • Rewards and certificates keep students motivated
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