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It all starts with literacy.

Literacy is about more than just reading and writing, it’s about opening doors and creating opportunities; opportunities for children to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills, skills to help them interpret the world around them and, ultimately, to help them shape positive futures.

Spellodrome, from the makers of the award-winning Mathletics, is a digital learning resource that engages students in literacy and encourages independent learning.

Suitable for students aged 5-15 years, Spellodrome is the perfect way to set your children up for the future.


Spellodrome is just $50 for a 12-month subscription, plus we offer a 10-day money back guarantee. If it’s not for your child we’ll refund you the full amount.

Spellodrome Literacy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Spellodrome is now fully HTML, meaning you can access it on almost any mobile device. We do recommend you use tablet-sized device though, as the smaller screens on mobile phones can make it difficult to navigate around Spellodrome, and we only want you to have the best possible experience. You can find all of the details at
3P Learning’s Parent Console is designed to help you enhance your child’s learning experience and gather valuable insight into their progress. Receive weekly reports on their results to encourage regular participation. What’s more, access is completely FREE – simply register your details to receive your username and password and you can begin supporting your child right away.

You can change the student level on Spellodrome by logging into your parent console.

To Changing Levels:

  • Log-in on a browser with your account (parent account)
  • Next to student name, press ‘Edit’.
  • Once there, under ‘Spellodrome Program’ change the ‘New Program’ to the preferred year.
  • Finally, under personal information, select ‘Year Group’ and change it to the preferred level.

This will allow you to set the desired level. You are able to change the levels up to 6 times per year.

You can renew your Spellodrome subscription by logging into your parent console. From there, you can view the expiration date as well as renew the subscription.  To renew, click on purchase and then follow the prompts.