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We know Reading Eggs delivers powerful results wherever it is used, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what teachers are saying about how Reading Eggs is impacting learning in their schools.

The Prince Royal’s College

At this Thai school, Reading Eggs is being used as an alternative to hiring a large number of English language teachers.

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Brookdale Primary School

Teachers at Brookdale Primary wanted to put a real focus on reading – both to raise standards and to encourage students to read more often and widely.

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Kilburn Park Foundation

For most Kilburn Park students, English is an additional language. By individualising learning based on student needs and abilities, this school has markedly improved results.

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Snowsfields Primary School

At Snowsfields Primary School, Reading Eggs has proved useful in helping students to develop their inferential reading skills, while increasing their confidence in answering higher order thinking questions.

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