The award-winning English language resource that supports teachers and learners to confidently develop their reading skills.


Our comprehensive curriculum, delivered through a guided pathway, is proven to quickly build English literacy confidence for both learners and educators.

Every child is different

Reading Eggs tests and accurately diagnoses reading ability to set and deliver the right pathway and reading level for each child.

Develop independent readers

Our engaging games, songs, and rewards really motivate children, keeping them focused on exploring and learning.


Created by leading English language educators and backed by academic research, our extensive range of teaching resources are designed to be used by teachers of all levels.


Feel supported when teaching English literacy in your classroom with Reading Eggs. Our detailed reporting makes it easy for you to track student development, identify gaps in knowledge and highlight achievement.


Reading Eggs understands your students. It understands their level of English literacy, it understands the gaps in their learning and understands when it’s time for them to advance, ensuring that they develop the key English literacy skills required to become proficient in English. By working at their ability level, students gain confidence quickly through continual growth and are encouraged to develop their English skills at school and at home.

Stephanie Wilson,
O’Sullivan Beach Primary School, SA

“After using Reading Eggs in my class, students are enjoying reading more. They are able to select books that suit their learning ability and are motivated by rewards given after completing levels and quizzes. I regularly use the teacher resource section for whole class activities and to plan lessons based on my students needs.”

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