Grammar. Reading. Comprehension. Punctuation. Vocabulary. Writing.

WordFlyers does it all.

Build confidence. Build skills.

Individualised learning pathways, built around the sequential teaching of core literacy skills, continuously guide your students, engaging them in deep learning.

Covers the fundamentals.

WordFlyers focuses student learning on the development of critical literacy skills – vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, grammar, writing and reading comprehension.

Win back time.

WordFlyers’ automated marking and instant reporting means you can get back to owning your classroom time, teaching what you love.


Have the confidence and support to keep your secondary classroom on track with their literacy learning. Comprehensive reports make it easy to stay on top of your students’ progress and achievements, quickly identify any struggle points and address these with targeted content. Whether it’s a homework resource, revision tool or simply exam prep that you’re after, WordFlyers has your back.


Immersed in a student-centred, personalised learning environment students work through highly engaging, relevant content that focuses on developing the key literacy skills. Tailored activities allow students to work at their own pace and ability, and gain confidence, while the motivational theme of international travel and rewards, encourage students to keep trying, ensuring success!

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“WordFlyers has made a difference in our school. It has improved self-esteem and challenges our students to get higher scores, which improves their literacy skills.”
Julie Hemmett, English Support, James Meehan High School
“My class is really loving WordFlyers, so much so that they’re disappointed when I ask them to finish their lesson so we can move on to something else! I love that it caters to students’ ability levels and that they can learn at their own paces.”
Leah Nicholls, Belgrave Heights Christian School
“We made WordFlyers a compulsory part of English in Years 8 to 10,
and since then our students ask more questions about grammar and we
have seen students with low skills improve in their standardised testing.”
Sue Wendt, English Teacher, Unley High School

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