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3P Learning Thinkers Series

Explore key insights and research around digital literacies and teaching pedagogy in eLearning. Join our special guest speaker Professor Catherine Beavis, and the 3P Learning team for a thought-provoking presentation based around the concept of ‘Serious Play’. Followed by breakout sessions covering literacy and numeracy for primary and secondary educators.


Event Info

Presentation Outline

In this presentation, Catherine Beavis draws on research projects with teachers and students using digital games in the classroom to support learning. Serious Play, a three year project across ten schools in Queensland and Victoria, explored the ways teachers and students worked with digital games – both ‘serious’, educational games and commercial games like Minecraft – across a range of subject areas and year levels. Some teachers had used games before, but for many it was very new. She will present case studies from the research, giving examples and showing teachers and students talking about their use of digital games in school.

Survey data, and comments and observations from teachers and students  include their thoughts about what worked and what didn’t, what games were good at teaching, what students liked and disliked about games, what made things good, and things to be aware of when using games. The session will conclude with a set of principles and guidelines for good teaching using digital games to support learning in the classroom.

Breakout Sessions


Presenter Bio

Catherine Beavis is Professor of Education at Deakin University. Her work has focuses on the changing nature of text and literacy, and the implications of young people’s experience of the digital technologies and the online world  for contemporary teaching, curriculum, and learning. Her research looks particularly at digital games and young people’s engagement with them, and the ways in which teachers can work with games to support rich learning in the classroom.

Research studies include Serious Play, funded by the  Australian Research Council – a three year study in ten primary and secondary schools in Queensland and Victoria, looking across literacy, learning and teaching across subject areas in the games-based classroom; Literacy in the Digital World of the Twenty First Century: Learning from Computer Games, also funded by the Australian Research Council, and based in Victoria, with a focus on literacy, learning and computer games; and Gamifying the Museum, researching the use of the digital game The Voyage in the education program in the Australian National Maritime Museum. Professor Beavis is Deputy Director of REDI – Research for Educational Impact, Deakin University’s Strategic Research Centre in Education. She is a Life Member of the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English.


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