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My World Education Games Journey

In 2012 I was fortunate enough to stumble across an advertisement for the World Education Games while I was on Mathletics, an online mathematics program. I soon learnt that the World Education Games is the

WEG Video Challenge winner announced!

As part of this year's World Education Games, a new video competition was launched with participating schools encouraged to film and produce a short video to promote either the World Education Games or the accompanying

#WEG2015 Winners

A round of applause to our top performing #WEG2015 students and countries recognised at the Official Awards Ceremony in the iconic Sydney Opera House! Students from around the world enjoyed a visit to Sydney to

WEG, an enlightening experience.

What an enlightening, polishing ,refining and entertaining event it was! I had one of the best experience of my life . I am amazed at how the students in Pakistan responded to our call to

#WEG2015, All Over (Or Not!)

Hi, I'm Tristan, the WEG 2015 Ambassador for Victoria, Australia. Unfortunately the games are well and truly over, BUT... I am very pleased to say that during the games, everyone in the world that competed

British International School of Chicago Rocks at WEG

Hello, my name is Michael Murray and I am very honored and proud to have been selected for the role of a World Education Games ambassador for the USA. I felt that the World Education

World Education Games – Canadian Highlights

The 2015 World Education Games have come to an end. The three days were packed with online literacy, math and science competitions uniting students all over the world through a shared love of learning. With

Being an Ambassador was fun & exciting!!

The WEG games were very exciting for my school and me. My opportunity as being an Ambassador was fun, and exciting!  I saw almost every class in the school practising hard. I could tell that

WEG was so fun!

WEG was so fun.  My whole lower school dressed up in clothing with numbers. We all tried to do our Mathletics games first. Then the girls who finished that went on to Spellodrome. If you

Peyton’s WEG experience

Hi, my name is Peyton and this year I was the student ambassador for British Columbia to represent and spread the word about WEG throughout my province. This really was an incredible experience to be

World Education Games in Pakistan

Hello! I am back with the updates from Pakistan regarding the World Education Games. The celebrations of the Games have been over whelming and to see so many Pakistani students top the Hall Of Fame

Mathletics: An open letter – a student’s perspective…

Our global army of student ambassadors from the World Education Games continue to stay in touch with the news from their countries along with their thoughts about the event and 3P Learning's learning resources. One such