The World Education Games
The World Education Games
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Powered by the award-winning team at 3P Learning, in association with UNICEF, the World Education Games is the world’s largest free online education competition held every two years. Watch highlights from #WEG2015.

  • Join over 5m students from across the world

  • Students will love the global online competition!

  • Designed for all ages and ability levels

  • Medals and trophies for winning students and schools

  • Unite the world in learning and support the World Education Games UNICEF project

  • …plus the entire event is COMPLETELY FREE!

Register for updates for the next event
The World Education Games - Meet Leigh
What are the World Education Games

This year’s events have now completed and the World Education Games will return in the future.

Be sure to stay updated with the latest news of the next great World Education Games event, including the next dates as soon as they are announced.

Simply enter your details and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with latest news.

World Education Games