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Mathletics and the NYC Dept of Education

We love learning together.

Mathletics has been hugely successful in improving math results across the District – with fantastic usage, improvement and engagement across the subscribed schools. The community is growing all the time, take a look at the schools within the District already using Mathletics in their classrooms…


Schools across the NYC Dept. of Education are subscribed to Mathletics…

Hebrew Language Academy Charter School
New American Academy Charter School
Uft Elementary Charter School
High School Of Fashion Industries
Ps 76 A Philip Randolph
Ps 154 Harriet Tubman Learning Center
Ps 123 Mahalia Jackson
Kappa Iv
Kipp Infinity Charter School
Ms 319 Maria Teresa Mirabel
Ps 28 Wright Brothers Elementary School
Ps 21 Margaret Emery-Elm Park School
Ps 23 Richmondtown Elementary School
Ps 45 John Tyler Elementary School
Bronx School For Law-Government-Justice
Ps 199X Shakespeare School
Ps 126 Dr Marjorie H Dunbar School
Is 232
Bronx Writing Academy 323
Jhs 022 Jordan L Mott Middle School
Family School
Ps 236 Langston Hughes
Highbridge Green School
East Fordham Academy For The Arts 459
Ps 291 Elementary School
Accion Academy
E S M T Is 190
PS 134 George Bristow Elementary School
Ps 335 The Academy Of The Arts School
Urban Assembly Academy Of Civic Engagement
Jhs 125 Henry Hudson
Archimedes Acad Math-Science-Technology Aplctns
Ms 424 Hunts Point Middle School
Young Scholars Academy
Ps 234
Ps 85 Judge Charles Vallone
Is 126 A Shanker School-Visual-Perf Arts
Ps 228 Early Childhood Magnet School
Is 318 Eugenio Maria De Hostos School
Ps 120 Carlos Tapia
Jhs 50 John D Wells
John Ericsson Middle School 126 Env Eng
Ps 290 Juan Morel Campos
Ps 159 Isaac Pitkin Elementary School
Ps 158 Warwick Elementary School
Ps 174 Dumont
Ps 213 New Lots
Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School
Ps 325 Fresh Creek School
Ps 306 Ethan Allen Elementary School
Ps 273 Wortman
Ps 214 Michael Friedsam
East New York Elementary School Of Excellence
Jhs 218 James P Sinnott Middle School
Ps 202 Ernest Jenkyns
Ps 224 Hale A Woodruff
Is 364 Gateway School
Highland Park Community School K760
Ps 65
Ps 176 Ovington Elementary School
Ps 205 Clarion School
Ps 48 Mapleton Elementary School
Ps 247 Nyc College Partnership Elementary School
Ps/Is 104 The Ft Hamilton
Ps 112 Lefferts Park Elementary School
Ps 398 Walter Weaver
Ronald Edmonds Learning Center Ii
Ps 309 George E Wibecan Academy
Ps 26 Jesse Owens School
Brooklyn Brownstone School 628
Ps 21 Crispus Attucks Elementary School
Ps 145 Andrew Jackson
Is 347 School Of Humanties
Is 349 Math Science & Tech
Ps 123 Suydam
Jhs 162 Willoughby
Ps 116 Elizabeth L Farrell
Jhs 291 Roland Hayes
Ps 106 Edward Everett Hale
Ps 121 Nelson Rockefeller Elementary School
Ps 226 Alfred De B Mason
Is 96 Seth Low Intermediate School
Ps 128 Bensonhurst Elementary School
Ps 101 Verrazano Elementary School
Is 281 Joseph B Cavallaro School
Ps 238 Anne Sullivan Elementary School
Is 228 David Boody School
Ps 329 Surfside Elementary School
Is 98 The Bay Academy Arts And Sciences
Ps 225 Eileen E Zaglin
Ps 156 Waverly School Of The Arts
Is 392
Kappa V
Mott Hall Iv Middle School
Ps 268 Emma Lazarus
Ps 305 Dr Peter Ray
Ps 3 Bedford Village
Ps 21 Edward Hart School
Ps 239
PS Q016 Nancy Debenedittis
Is 61 Leonardo Da Vinci
Corona Arts & Sciences Academy
Is 73 Frank Sansivieri
Ps/Ms 42 R Vernam
Ps 146 Howard Beach
Ps 254 The Rosa Parks School
Ps 66 J Kennedy Onasiss
Ps 273
Ps 100 Glen Morris
Ps 43
Ps 60 Woodhaven
New York City Academy-Discovery
Ps 105 Bay School
Ps 223 L B Johnson Elementary School
Ps 123
Village Academy
Goldie Maple Academy
Ps 64 Joseph P Addabbo
Ps 51
Ps/Is 268
Ps 136 Roy Wilkins
Ps 36 St Albans School
Is 59 Springfield Gardens
Ps 195 William Haberle
Bellaire School
Ps 116 William Hughley
Community Voices Middle School
Ps Q086
Ps 139 Rego Park
Ps 174 William Sidney Mount Elementary School
Ps 220 Edward Mandel Elementary School
Ps 144 Col Jeromus Remsen
Ps 54 Hillside
Ps 55 Maure
Hillcrest High School
Ps 40 Samuel Huntington
Jhs 008 Richard S Grossley
Ps 80 Thurgood Marshall Magnet
Ps 117 J Keld/Briarwood School
Catherine & Count Basie Middle School 72
Ps 140 Edward K Ellington
Ps 354
Beginning With Children Charter School 2
Girls Prep Lower East Side Elementary School


across Grade K-8 are currently subscribed to Mathletics across the District


across the NYC Dept. of Education are currently subscribed to Mathletics


within Mathletics by students across the District this year*


assigned by teachers to their students across the District this year*

Raising grades across the District…

Our education team obsesses about what engages students to motivate and build confidence. To demonstrate the impact of Mathletics, we conducted a study of the schools in NYC Dept. Of Education…

math results new york

On average, students using Mathletics in schools across the district have improved their results by…

*Data based on student and teacher usage of Mathletics across the District (Sept ’14 – Mar ’15)

A special price for New York.

Schools within the NYC Dept. of Education receive:

Up to 50% OFF (normally $14/student)



Built and designed for NYC students.

Following the NYS Common Core learning standards in your school? We’ve got you covered. Targeted, adaptive and engaging content designed to meet the standards of New York, with reporting and assessments to match. Mathletics includes custom courses, created specifically to meet the standards.

Created by our education team. Ready and waiting for you. 

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Celebrating successes across New York

Our school launched Mathletics earlier this year in G1-6. The excitement our students experienced has not diminished, but actually increased How can you go wrong with an educational website that has children literally begging to use and parents thrilled with their children’s progress?
Teacher, New York, NY

A little more about Mathletics

  • Mathletics gives each student their very own personal learning space. Filled with targeted curriculum content, interactive tutorials and support, alongside engaging games and rewards.

  • Mathletics includes over 1200 individual adaptive practice activities and eBooks for grades K-12.

  • Our team of educational publishers has created courses that specifically align to various state-based standards, plus the Common Core.

  • Curriculum content and homework can be assigned and controlled by the teacher with on-screen notifications.

  • Importantly, teachers and students love Mathletics! It is fun, engaging and an easy way to get students to love math!


Want to know more?

Get in touch with the friendly team of education specialists. We’d love to speak to you (or come and meet you!)