A whole new way to view Mathletics…

A lot gets said about video in education and the “flipped” classroom. We took a look at the video content available to schools and thought one thing. We can do that better.

Here’s our first great idea…

As teachers, we have all heard the perennial question from students “when will I ever USE this…?” Now we have the answer. Introducing a new genre of video, we call them Mathletics Conceptuals

  • Quick and effective vignettes that zero in on a core mathematical concept in a genuinely relevant and relatable context.

  • Embedded throughout Mathletics, within hundreds of core concepts and activities for students to access.

  • All video content is searchable by keyword for older students within their My Study area.

  • A highly engaging presenter, speaking to the students rather than at them.

  • A unique hand-drawn feel makes these videos a truly powerful tool.

Take a look. This sample Conceptual introduces the notion of Ratios…

We didn’t stop there…

Mathletics already has a powerful array of well over 1,200 curriculum-aligned practice activities. Now we are adding Video Support exactly where students need it most.

  • Rich visuals, clear verbal explanation and annotations.

  • Mathletics support videos go far beyond support and can be used to teach the content.

  • All video content is searchable by keyword for older students within their My Study area.

  • The Mathletics interface will support all modes of usage, supporting independent learners, flipped classrooms and teacher-led lessons.

  • Based on the core concepts covered within Mathletics curriculum activities.

This sample is designed to support a curriculum activity on Prime and Composite Numbers…

We solved the technology problem too…

Love video but hate the bandwidth issues? Solved. Our partners Clickview are world leaders in delivering online video content. Together we have worked some technological wizardry to deliver video content that is lighter and faster than any other service on the web.

  • FREE to Mathletics subscribers

  • Suitable for whole-class, flipped class, individual students. You choose.

  • Mobile, desktop, tablet… anywhere, anytime.

  • Easy on bandwidth and no content blocked.

  • Engaging video with conceptual overviews and targeted explanations.

Mathletics video learning

Mathletics video content is embedded across many of the curriculum activities, wherever this icon is available.

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