Mathletics and USA Catholic Schools

 Join the schools in these Diocese and Archdiocese already benefiting from the Mathletics Advantage!

• Archdiocese of Baltimore
• Archdiocese of Bridgeport
• Archdiocese of Chicago
• Archdiocese of Cincinnati
• Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
• Archdiocese of Los Angeles
• Archdiocese of Louisville
• Archdiocese of Miami
• Archdiocese of Monterey
• Archdiocese of New Orleans
• Archdiocese of New York
• Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
• Archdiocese of Philadelphia
• Archdiocese of San Francisco
• Archdiocese of Seattle
• Diocese of Albany
• Diocese of Austin
• Diocese of Baton Rouge
• Diocese of Belleville
• Diocese of Birmingham
• Diocese of Bridgeport
• Diocese of Brooklyn
• Diocese of Buffalo
• Diocese of Charlotte
• Diocese of Cleveland
• Diocese of Colorado Springs
• Diocese of Columbus
• Diocese of Corpus Christi
• Diocese of Covington
• Diocese of Dallas
• Diocese of El Pueblo
• Diocese of Fresno
• Diocese of Galveston-Houston
• Diocese of Great Falls-Billings
• Diocese of Honolulu
• Diocese of Kansas City
• Diocese of Little Rock
• Diocese of Monterey
• Diocese of Nashville
• Diocese of New Orleans
• Diocese of Oakland
• Diocese of Orange County
• Diocese of Orlando
• Diocese of Palm Beach
• Diocese of Peoria
• Diocese of Philadelphia
• Diocese of Pittsburgh
• Diocese of Portland
• Diocese of Pueblo
• Diocese of Raleigh
• Diocese of Rochester
• Diocese of Rockford
• Diocese of Sacramento
• Diocese of San Antonio
• Diocese of San Jose
• Diocese of Santa Rosa
• Diocese of Savannah
• Diocese of Shreveport
• Diocese of Springfield
• Diocese of St Petersburg
• Diocese of Steubenville
• Diocese of Stockton
Diocese of Trenton
• Diocese of Tuscon
• Diocese of Victoria
• Diocese of Washington
• Diocese of Worcester

Improving grades across Catholic Schools…

Our education team obsesses about what engages students to motivate and build confidence. To demonstrate the impact of Mathletics, we conducted a study across Catholic Schools.

Catholic Schools using Mathletics have shown an average improvement of 32.9% this academic year.


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Give your students the Mathletics Advantage.

A recent independent study has verified that students using Mathletics have a 9% advantage in external assessments.

“There is a 100 percent likelihood that the schools who use Mathletics achieve higher results than schools that do not.” Dr. Tony Stokes, ACU.


Standardized test scores improve with Mathletics

After two years of instruction with Mathletics at a K-8 school the test scores of a 5th grade class jumped from 31% to 53% – thats an increase of 22%.

The test scores of a 7th grade class continued to improve with a jump from 44% to 69% – thats an increase of…


Ideal for American students.

The education team at Mathletics is committed to providing a resource that is powerful, targeted and relevant to all students across the United States. Targeted, adaptive and engaging content, with reporting and assessments to match.

Created by our education team. Ready and waiting for you. 

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Snapshot of current Mathletics Subscirbers

Across the Dioceses of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, Mathletics has certainly provided our schools with the curriculum, assessment and instructional tools to help our teachers track their student tasks and most importantly – the students started to LOVE math. It was an easy implementation across our 137 schools and the product was the best offering we ever implemented in all our schools. It was well received by all the principals and teachers that we serve – that in and of itself was amazing!!
In regard to the quality of their offerings we have nothing but praise for how they do business and how the teachers have effectively used differentiated learning in their classrooms. We implemented this program four years ago and continue to offer it to all our schools.
R. Loiacono, Executive Director, Catholic Telemedia Network

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