Mathletics and the Academica Charter Network

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Mathletics has been hugely successful in improving math results across the Network – with fantastic usage, improvement and engagement across the subscribed schools. The community is growing all the time, take a look at the schools within the Network already using Mathletics in their classrooms…


Schools across the Academica Charter Network are subscribed to Mathletics…

  • Somerset Prep Academy At N Lauderdale

  • Orange County Preparatory Academy Charter

  • Pinecrest aPreparatory Academy Charter Middle School

  • Mater Academy Elementary School Of Intl Studies

  • Mater Beach Academy

  • Somerset Academy Charter Es-South Homestead

  • Pinecrest Preparatory Academy Charter High School

  • Mater Academy East Charter Middle School

  • Somerset Academy Miramar-Middle School

  • Somerset Centerl Academy-Miramar High School

  • Pinecrest Creek Academy

  • Somerset Preparatory Academy

  • Pinecrest Preparatory Academy

  • Mater Brickell Preparatory Academy

  • Somerset Academy Charter Middle At S Miami

  • Somerset Academy Bay Middle School At Pinewood Acres

  • Somerset Centerl Acad-Somerset Neighborhood School

  • SLAM Sports Leadership & Management Charter School

  • Somerset Academy City Arts

  • Somerset Oaks Academy


across Grade K-12 are currently subscribed to Mathletics across the Network


across the Academica Charter Network are currently subscribed to Mathletics


within Mathletics by students across the Network this year*


assigned by teachers to their students across the Network this year*

Raising grades across the Network…

Our education team obsesses about what engages students to motivate and build confidence. To demonstrate the impact of Mathletics, we conducted a study of the schools in the Academica Charter Network…

math results new york

On average, students using Mathletics in schools across the Network have improved their results by…

*Data based on student and teacher usage of Mathletics across the Network (Sept ’14 – Mar ’15)

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Schools within the Academica Charter Network receive:

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Build and Designed for Florida students.

Following the Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) or the Common Core learning standards in your school? We’ve got you covered. Targeted, adaptive and engaging content ideal to meet the standards of Florida, with reporting and assessments to match. Mathletics includes custom courses, created specifically to meet the standards.

Created by our education team. Ready and waiting for you. 

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Celebrating successes across Florida

In March 2010 we sponsored Mathletics, a program that engages our students and enables our teachers to effectively use differentiated learning in the classroom. It was an immediate hit. Today we have 140+ schools using Mathletics. It is rare that you can have unanimity regarding any service however, Mathletics is the exception and it has changed how math is taught in our schools.
Teacher, District Leader, USA

A little more about Mathletics

  • Mathletics gives each student their very own personal learning space. Filled with targeted curriculum content, interactive tutorials and support, alongside engaging games and rewards.

  • Mathletics includes over 1200 individual adaptive practice activities and eBooks for grades K-12.

  • Our team of educational publishers has created courses that specifically align to various state-based standards, plus the Common Core.

  • Curriculum content and homework can be assigned and controlled by the teacher with on-screen notifications.

  • Importantly, teachers and students love Mathletics! It is fun, engaging and an easy way to get students to love math!

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