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The Mathletics Lead Educator program is an initiative to recognise and support Y1-13 educators who are innovative leaders, integrating Mathletics technologies in the classroom. Our Lead Educators are ambassadors to their community, inspiring teachers with their passion for teaching with technology.

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Victoria Richmond – Regis Manor Primary School, Kent, South East England

Victoria is a teacher passionate about using online resources to increase children’s motivation for learning and is creative with rewards – such as creating a ‘3000’ club where pupils have to earn 3000 participation points in a week to be awarded a certificate and a special club badge.

She uses Mathletics both for differentiation within homework to consolidate learning and in a daily numeracy carousel to reinforce teaching and assess away from the point of learning. As the numeracy leader she also uses Mathletics o analyse activities students have difficulty with and then offer support to year groups with closing the gaps. Using the analysis of the reports she is able to identify trends and common areas where staff training may also be required.

Penelope Hobbin – Mirboo North PS, Victoria Australia

Penelope is passionate about providing each and every student with the skills to take them wherever they want to go in life. She does this by facilitating not doing. Penelope’s students very quickly learn to be independent and are encouraged to use their initiative and ‘think outside the square’.

Penny has been successful in facilitating Mathletics within her school during Staff Meetings and directly supports colleagues in their use of the program, using Mathletics as an assessment tool to support their evidence base for each of their students.

Emmalee Lesleighter – Sherwood State School, QLD 

Emmalee Lesleighter began teaching in 2011 and currently takes a Year 6 class. Her school Sherwood State School has integrated Mathletics as part of their school wide maths program. Emmalee uses Mathletics both for differentiation and in guided lessons weekly to analyse activities students have difficulty with and then, using preview activity, work through misconceptions.

Emmalee would like to see Mathletics expand their bank of videos to include explicit lessons for problem solving and have activities which focus on explicit problem solving heuristics.

Belinda Piggott – Capricornia School of Distance Education, QLD

Say hello to Belinda Piggott, one of our Mathletics Lead Educators from Queensland.

Belinda teaches in Queensland’s Capricornia School of Distance Education.  She has been at this school for 8 years currently teaching Year 5 and spent last year as a Pedagogical Coach.  The school has a dynamic community and Belinda finds it an exciting place to work being driven by great teachers and great technology.

Amanda Attal – Sherwood SS, QLD

Meet Amanda. She has been teaching for 4 years in Queensland.

Together with fellow Lead Educator Emmalee Lesleighter, Amanda provides professional development sessions with colleagues on using diagnostic assessments to define areas of mathematics where students require development and how results and reporting functionality can be used to track student numeracy progress.

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