Everything You Need to Teach E-Safety

Unique Learning Experience

Features over 50 interactive, gamified digital activities that progressively build new skills and strategies.

A Comprehensive E-Safety Toolkit

Everything needed to teach e-safety in one place, with interactive online activities supported by teacher notes and student workbooks.

Demonstrates a Whole School Approach

Demonstrate your school’s integrated approach to e-safety to Ofsted, governors and parents.

Stay Up-to-Date

Stay at the forefront of e-safety and ensure you know everything you need to know to teach your students.

Embed Learning with an Ongoing Course

Ensure that learning is embedded with a flexible 12-week programme for every student.

Provide All Teachers with the Ability to Teach E-Safety

E-safety is a shared responsibility – equip all teachers with engaging resources and the knowledge they need to answer those tricky questions.

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Complete e-safety resource

  • A full course to teach e-safety with an online learning environment supported by student and teacher workbooks
  • Linked to the National Curriculum to ensure that your e-safety strategy covers the key online and digital safeguarding components
  • Provides a complete strategy that is easy to implement throughout the school

Improving student knowledge to keep children safe

  • Have confidence that learning is becoming embedded with instant feedback in the form of automated reports
  • Provides evidence of student growth with pre and post activity assessments that can be shared to demonstrate your school’s e-safety success
  • Parent logins help ensure carers are provided with all the information they need to be part of the e-safety learning journey

Engage students in learning to stay safe online

  • An exciting and immersive online world engages students to learn how to stay safe online
  • A variety of levels to match the ability for students aged 5-13
  • A wide range of motivational elements and engaging characters keep students learning
  • Embed knowledge with a host of supportive teacher and student workbooks

Be confident to deliver e-safety lessons

  • Everything you need to deliver e-safety lessons and answer those tricky questions – all in one place
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging online dangers with carefully selected alerts
  • Additional teacher training available for those looking to become e-safety experts
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Perfect for e-safety leads looking to become the school expert in online safeguarding.

The most popular way we support teachers – the immersive online program that delivers the full Gooseberry Planet e-safety course.

Looking to ensure that every teacher in your school have the ability to teach e-safety? Gooseberry CPD has you covered.

What Teachers are Saying

“We just wanted to share with you our recent Ofsted report as it makes specific reference to e-safety. The Ofsted inspectors were very impressed with the way in which the students could speak about e-safety and this is down to the work that you have done with the students, staff and parents – thank you so much.”
Jo Luhman, Ash Manor School
“The new platform is working well and the children continue to enjoy the game as well as resources. We particularly like having the option to download the results and track each child closely in order to identify those at risk, whilst parents are appreciating the fortnightly advice.”
Clare Rogers, Little Chalfont Primary School
“The game has definitely made the children more aware of what can and cannot be removed from the internet. The biggest news to children was the one about selfies! We have also looked at location settings and many have gone home and changed this on their phones, etc.”
Lancing Prep Hove, Lancing College

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