Mathletics District Reporting

Multi-school reporting has arrived.

Imagine a single dashboard with live and interactive student data across every school in your authority, cluster or group. Designed in partnership with education consultants and local authority advisors, meet the future of multi-school reporting.

Introducing the Mathletics Cluster Console…

Mathletics Multi School Reporting

About the Cluster Console

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Presenting your data your way.

This is big data, but viewing and analysing is simple. It's your data, your way.

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All of your schools’ data in one place.

We’ve worked in partnership with local authorities and advisors to create the Cluster Console. Live and interactive data covering engagement, usage, improvement and achievement. Real-time data exactly where you need it… at your fingertips.

  • View data covering usage and achievement, as well as improvement and engagement metrics.

  • Choose between the great visual dashboard interface with all data presented graphically, or view the raw data in table format.

  • Easy-to-use filtering allows you to view collective data for a selection of schools or your entire subscribed cluster.

  • Unparalleled detail – explore your data split by Mathletics usage inside and outside of school hours, as well as by male/female students.

Mathletics District Level Reporting

FREE with all multi-school subscriptions.

The Mathletics Cluster Console is designed exclusively for local authorities and school groups or clusters. Access is included free of charge with all multi-school subscriptions to Mathletics.

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Your data. Your way.

The Cluster Console includes a phenomenal amount of live and historic student data, but viewing and analysing is simple. It’s your data, view it your way.

Mathletics Cluster Reporting Tool
  • Follow student improvement over time with longitudinal tracking of results and achievement data.

  • Compare individual schools – filter reports to show single schools, allowing you to view levels of achievement across the group.

  • Track student knowledge gaps across the year, with clear visuals tracking content completed.

  • Access data covering time online, assessments completed, activities assigned by teachers, as well as month-to-month usage patterns.

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