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Getting Started                        Student Accounts                         Teacher Accounts                      Manage Your Subscription

Getting started

  • Beginning your access to Reading Eggs & Eggspress
  • Launching Reading Eggs in your class
  • Additional teacher toolkit resources
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Manage your student accounts

  • Adding new students to your class
  • Removing students from your class
  • Moving students into your class
  • Editing student details
  • Managing student progress
  • Setting up your class for the new school year
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Manage your teacher accounts

  • Adding new teachers to your school
  • Removing teachers from your school
  • Resetting a teacher password
  • Editing teacher details
  • Printing parent letters
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Manage your subscription

  • View details of your school’s subscription
  • Renew or upgrade your school’s subscription
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Comprehensive User Guide

  • Administration
  • Progress, reporting & assignments
  • Teaching with Reading Eggs & Eggspress
  • Learning with Reading Eggs & Eggspress
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